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DFD Russell provides care in your own community. Turner, Leeds, Monmouth.
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Secure Message Patient Portal

Click below to access the portal site:
DFD Russell Medical Center is pleased to announce a new secure online service to their active and registered patients. Secure Messaging Patient Portal will enable registered patients to securely use the Internet to help manage and receive information about their health.


Through our implementation of Health Information Technology as part of our ongoing efforts to be your Patient-Centered Medical Home, the Patient Portal will offer DFD patients secure online access to their health records and help make it possible for their health care provider to better manage their care with the use of Secure Messaging.


Services will include:

  • Viewing your medical record chart summary
  • Request a referral
  • Request lab & test results
  • Request a medication refill
  • Send a non-urgent message to your provider medical team
  • Send a question to the billing department
  • Send a message to Patient Assistance

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